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Maxthon RC3

Downloads: 862445
File size: 2.04MB
Requirements: Windows (All Versions)
License: Freeware
Maxthon is a powerful tabbed browser

Maxthon RC3 Change Log
Major Changes
+ Collector Service
+ Restore Favorites from Backup
+ Float Ads Filter
Important Changes
+ CPU Saving Mode
+ Feed Links Checker
+ Search bar history

Other Changes
+ Added "Arrange by Site" to tab context menu.
+ Added "Fill form", "Save form" to web context menu, when right clicking input box.
+ Collector Service (Users could upload/download collector, Found in the collector)
+ Restore Favorite from a backup (Favorite > More Actions > Restore Favorite)
* Made it easier to drag HTML plugin on webbar.
* Go button adds the entered url to the address bar history.
* AdHunter menu (Tools > AdHunter)
* Highlight button can display state.
* Right click AdHunter button on status bar to enable or disable all filters.
* Hold Ctrl to bypass filtering current page (Disable ad hunter on the current page)
* Added an option to use IE find in page dialog (Tools > Maxthon setup center > advanced)
* Added an option to show close button on all tabs on hover (Tools > Maxthon setup center > Tabs bar)
# Fixed separator problem under multi-column menu mode
# Fixed images folder always be created problem
# Fixed "force open link in new tab" only work after page complete problem
# Fixed Could not Open local file problem (the last character was missing)
# Fixed a bug that caused browser to crash when auto-run plugins
# Fixed several RSS related internal bugs
# Fixed the "auto select" did not work on webbar problem

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