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File size: 2.08MB
Requirements: Windows (All Versions)
License: Freeware
Maxthon is a powerful tabbed browser

Maxthon Preview Change Log
Highly Recommend:
+ File sniffer, you can use it to detect flv movies or others, you can also use it to see all network connections, just choose * (All Files). We believe it will be helpful for developers.

+ Use a new tech to save CPU usage, especially with a lot of pages(with flash or movie etc). Please have a try and give more feedback. (need use multi-thread tab mode).

Important Update:
+ Search Bar is separated.
+ Multiple search and highlight button is added to search bar.
+ 'Shift+Enter' in search box to trigger multiple search.
+ new shortcut keys on search bar 'ctrl+Enter': 'Find in page', 'ctrl+shift+enter': highlight keywords.
+ make tab bar higher customization. You can add or remove any buttons to the tab bar.
+ use custom User-agent string (must restart to take into effect).
+ collector supports sorting by mouse drag.
+ Right click action for several buttons: Refresh/Refresh All Stop/Stop All, Tab Close/Close All, tab new/new from clipboard
+ Drag&drop to address bar and search bar works.

Other Update:
+ Added 'Copy URL' to right-click menu of the favorite toolbar
+ Added 'Open in new tab' to the float bar
+ Added some useful tools to the external toolbar
+ press ctrl key can drag out the independent module from the sidebar.
+ SharedAccount will import IE favorite automatically, if no favorite found.
+ Added "Hide Buttons" to sidebar drop down
+ Display 'loading...' status when downloading favorite from server.
+ Added 'Force all Links to be opened in New Tabs' to the options of 'Tabs Bar' in Setup Center
+ Added option to 'do not use proxy for addresses'
+ Moved sidebar under the tab bar.
- Removed separate tabs and tab manager temporarily

Fixed bugs:
* Fixed a problem in Ad Hunter
* Some internal performance improvements
* Fixed position problem with new button on tabs bar.
* Tab bar will be turned over when displayed on the bottom.
* Fixed some position problems on the web toolbar.
* Fixed some problems with 'Last Visited Page List'.
* Fixed the crush problems when install too much filter packs.
* The root directory setting of favorite will be saved to the server.
* Fixed the problem that there is an 1px blank space on the left of the browser when maximized
* Fixed the problem that it doesn't display tooltip on the status bar.
* Fixed the problem that it appends blanks at search keywords.
* Fixed the problem that some right-clicks are invalid.
* Fixed some problems of the skin layout.
* Optimized the speed when opening or closing multiple pages.
* Optimized some core codes and also other detail improvement.
* Multicolumn menus will now appear below and offset from the item from which they get opened to prevent accidental menu item activation

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