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Downloads: 744968
File size: 3.77MB
Requirements: Windows (All Versions)
License: Freeware

Maxthon Change Log
[New Features]
+ Added Maxthon Downloader
+ Support IE Extensions

* Fixed download file type monitor problem
* Added context menu download command to Sniffer
* Fixed problem that page display error in locked tab
* Fixed problem that close button may be erroneously activated when many tabs on tab bar
* Fixed "Up One Level" problem
* Fixed Ctrl + Scroll zoom problem
* Fixed a crash problem when switching split view
* Added start maxthon in Safe mode in crash dialog
* Fixed some screen capture problems
* Fixed a crash problem when url is dragged to a tab
* Fixed problem that urls containing some special characters cannot be opened
* Fixed problems on close tabs on the left/right
* Fixed several memory leak problems
* Fixed login dialog clean account data command problem
* Fixed some shortcut commands
* Fixed problem that URL Alias work in search bar
* Fixed problem that file type empty in some save dialogs
* Fixed problem that links in some websites cannot be opened by middle click
* Fixed problem that site icon disappear in tab
* Fixed problem that website icon cannot be disabled
* Fixed problem that cannot undo closed Maxthon Downloader Page
* Fixed problem that backspace key invalid in flash editbox

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