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Maxthon Beta

Downloads: 196565
File size: 3.70MB
Requirements: Windows (All Versions)
License: Freeware

Maxthon Beta Change Log
Major changes include

* plugin bar is removed, plugins and external tools are shown in web toolbar

* fixed Last Visited Pages tab always open problem
* fixed problem that scroll page/down, scroll to top/bottom sometimes may not work
* fixed problem that right Alt key sometime not work
* fixed some ajax not working problems
* fixed address bar slow redraw problem when tab change
* fixed external tools and plugin buttons tooltip problem
* fixed an address bar icon drawing problem
* fixed some Maxthon Downloader problems
* fixed problem that HTMLbutton plugin in webtoolbar cannot be dragged under customize...
* fixed problem that new tab may be blocked due to magic fill form save dialog
* fixed problem that when a RSS is subscripted, the remaining RSS are not shown
* fixed a flash related blank page problem
* fixed a gdi leak of undo menu
* fixed crash when user data is uploaded after online favorites is disabled
* fixed crash when the link of local page is checked
* fixed a focus problem of the Block Page Content toolbar
* fixed repeated crash dialog after improper shutdown
* fixed a notification display problem of Maxthon Downloader status bar button
* text filter also filter xsl document
* fixed some filter log problems
* fixed problem that dropdown button may not work when toolbars are locked
* fixed problem that Super MSA site list cannot be edited

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