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Requirements: Windows (All Versions)
License: Freeware

Maxthon Change Log
# Adhunter
* optimized Blocking Rule Editor performance and fixed some UI problemes

# Main Framework
* Search URL with take effect immediately upon modification
* blanks in an URL will be filtered in a drag&drop
* fixed a site icon problem when history items are highlighted in Smart Address Bar
* fixed problem that sometimes Switch Mode button is unclickable
* fixed that Editing box of Favorites Manager can't change directory of fav items
* fixed problem that tab will be displayed loading when using Surf by Mouse to go forward or back in new tab
* fixed a problem that fav icon could be lost after restart
* fixed a search tip display problem of history items in Smart Address Bar drop down menu
* fixed an ActiveX problem in Retro Mode
* fixed a display problem when search from address bar
* fixed some problem when export favorites
* fixed problem that after clicking Apply button in Edit Blocking rule, page cannot be scrolled by mouse

# Webkit Core
* support HTML5 video sound
* optimized support for Xunlei links
* optimized ADhunter performance
* fixed some crash problems
* fixed low loading speed caused by using IE proxy
* fixed a Flash focus problem
* fixed a display problem in Picasa album
* page will be displayed in new code after code-switching manually
* fixed problem that Blocking rules not loaded after changing User
* Address bar can display non-lating characters
* fixed problem that Adfilter will leave some blank areas in page
* fixed problem that scroll bar stick to cursor on some websites

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