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Downloads: 952990
File size: 13.88MB
Requirements: Windows (All Versions)
License: Freeware

Maxthon Change Log
# Additions:

* [Main Framework]
- added Full screen mode

* [Options]
- added Tab Bar settings
- added tray icon setting
- added Advanced settings, including UA, Smooth Scrolling, Content, etc

* [Retro Mode]
- added Zoom Page by Ctrl + mouse scroll in Retro Mode

# Fixes:

* [Main Framework]
- Fixed a focus problem

* [Webkit Core]
- Fixed a display problem in Address Bar

* [Retro Mode]
- History can be recorded in Retro Mode

* [User Interface]
- Undo button will turn grey when not available
- Improved Statues Bar display when mouse hovering a long URL

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