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Requirements: Windows (All Versions)
License: Freeware

Maxthon Change Log
# Additions
* [Main Framework]
- Added support for 3rd-party download tools

# Improvements
- [Multi-Search]
* Added key word sync for Multi-Search
* Multi-Search sidebar can be hidden

# Fixes
- [Main Framework]
* Fixed problem that Ctrl+/Ctrl- not available in Retro mode
* Undo will use current Blank Page
* Zoom ratio is kept after switching Browser Core
* Fixed problem that non-English URLs entered to address bar are search
* Fixed problem that URLs entered to address bar are all opened in Ultra mode
* Fixed problem that new tab sometimes can not open in foreground in Retro mode
* Fixed backward problem after visiting unavailable webpages
* Fixed a focus problem
* Fixed a Save as problem when viewing source code
* Fixed an encoding problem of URL displayed in Status Bar
* Fixed an UserAgent problem after switching profile

# [Webkit Core]
- Fixed a freeze problem caused by mouse right click in page
- Fixed several page rendering problems
- Fixed problem that mouse right click menu is unselectable when page is loading
- Fixed a several crash problems
- Fixed problem that View source cannot read from cache
- Mouse Gesture "View source" is banned in source code page

# [Trident Core]
- Fixed a coding problem with Google search

# [Smart Address Bar]
- Fixed a flickering problem of drop down menu
- Fixed a problem that drop down menu may block some IMEs window

# [Magic Fill]
- Fixed problem that edited password cannot be saved real-time
- Fixed a save failure
- Fixed some problems of Magic Fill info bar

# [Multi-Search]
- Fixed a display problem of search bar in Quick Access after editing multi-search
- Fixed a link error

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